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Are Federated Jira Instances in Cloud Right for Your Organization?

The Advantages and Benefits of Federated Jira Software Cloud Instances


Over the years at Isos Technology, we have worked closely with hundreds of clients of all sizes to merge multiple instances of Jira Software, often migrating them to a single Cloud instance in the process. One of the primary drivers for merging instances is to help teams align around similar ways of working. A single instance enables teams to more readily collaborate, increases cross-functional visibility, and streamlines reporting, and for many years, it has been the primary way to achieve these necessary outcomes.

In this whitepaper, we will explore Atlassian’s Jira Software Cloud Enterprise offering. Cloud Enterprise comes with the ability to spin up an unlimited number of instances at no extra cost. With Cloud Premium and lower-level tiers, you are limited to a single site, and the cost of operating two separate Premium instances is typically higher than the cost of the Enterprise offering, so it would not be cost-effective. In addition, the Enterprise plan includes Atlassian Access, Atlassian Analytics, and Atlassian Data Lake, all of which are essential in managing multiple instances.

What You’ll Learn: 

  • Determining How Many Jira Software Cloud Instances You Need
  • Key Considerations For Governance, Administration, And Reporting In Federated Jira Software Cloud Instances
  • Scaled Agile And Federated Jira Software Cloud Instances
  • And Much More! 

Download the Whitepaper