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The Impact of Digital Transformation on Asset and Configuration Management

How a Modern, Flexible, and Integrated ITSM Platform Can Help

More organizations than ever are super-charging their digital transformation initiatives. In fact, in a PWC Pulse survey of C-suite executives from early 2022, 60% of respondents named digital transformation as their most significant growth driver for the year. Within the broader context of digital transformation, there are several trends that are having a significant and direct effect on the entire IT ecosystem, including practices around IT Asset Management, or ITAM for short, and Configuration Management, or CM.

In this whitepaper, we will explore how digital transformation and associated trends are driving complexity around IT Asset Management and Configuration Management. Then, we will look at how modern and flexible asset and configuration management tools that integrate with ITSM and DevOps tools already in use within your organization can help you meet business needs. Lastly, we will explore both traditional and non-traditional use cases for Atlassian Assets. 

What You'll Learn ...

  • Trends driving complexity in the ITAM and CM ecosystem
  • Integrating ITAM, CM, ITSM, and DevOps practices
  • Maximizing your investment in Atlassian Assets
  • And much more!

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