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Atlassian Team ’23 Recap Webinar: Top Takeaways from the Conference


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What you'll Learn...

Did you attend Atlassian’s flagship event, Team ‘23? Between keynotes, demos, and breakout sessions, Team ‘23 was packed with important updates about the Atlassian tools and what is on the horizon. It can be overwhelming to process all of the takeaways from this jam packed three-day event.

If you missed some important sessions at Team ‘23, or you just want a refresher, let Isos Technology do the heavy lifting! As an Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner and three-time ITSM Partner of the Year, we bring a unique perspective to Atlassian events and look forward to sharing what we learn at Team ‘23. Our Atlassian-certified team of experts covers topics including:

  • Important Atlassian News & Updates
  • ITSM 
  • Work Management 
  • Agile
  • DevOps 
  • Teams & Culture

Whether or not you attend Team ‘23, you don’t want to miss our webinar recap on product announcements, key takeaways from the conference, and how organizations are using Atlassian tools in unique, new ways to increase efficiency and foster collaboration between teams.




Thad West, Moderator

CEO and Co-Founder, Isos Technology

As a Co-Founder and CEO of Isos Technology, Thad West is responsible for overall vision, strategy, and execution of the business. Thad brings his diverse technology background, business acumen, and strong leadership skills to these roles. Thad has over two decades of experience in technology. He has extensive experience in product management, development team leadership, enterprise architecture, and business application development. Prior to founding Isos Technology, Thad held the positions of VP of Application Development for a Fortune 100 financial company and Director of Product Management for a mid-size software company specializing in mobile applications for the construction industry.

Ian Cooperman, Speaker

Strategic Account Manager, Isos Technology

Ian Cooperman is a Strategic Account Manager with Isos Technology who started his journey with Jira and Confluence as a Program Manager looking for a more efficient way for his digital teams to plan, track, and collaborate on their work, all while providing transparency to leadership and stakeholders. After 10 years of experience using Atlassian tools to optimize and scale teams at both small and large organizations, he remains an Atlassian enthusiast with the goal of assisting others to get the most from their Atlassian suite of products.

Ian Cooperman-1
Tracy Walton-2

Tracy Walton, Speaker

Director of Agile Services, Isos Technology

Tracy started her journey with Jira as a Product Manager looking for a more efficient way to manage her backlog and provide transparency to her team and colleagues. As a consultant, Tracy offers a unique blend of passion for leading teams, product expertise, and 10 years of hands-on experience in agile software development for a variety of products and industries including digital marketing, customer relationship management, subscription billing and compensation analysis.

Megan Hoelle, Speaker

President, HyperVelocity, an Isos Technology Company

As President of HyperVelocity, Megan Hoelle oversees strategic planning, operations and sales. Megan is passionate about providing outstanding service to customers and is dedicated to ensuring her team’s Atlassian services provide long-lasting value and address the unique challenges customers face. Before Megan embarked on the journey to build HyperVelocity, she helped start Intersections International, a non-profit dedicated to forging common ground in New York City. She also led account management at Blue State Digital for the Los Angeles office where she designed and executed community mobilization and campaigns for clients.

Megan Hoelle