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Decoded: Bridging
Fact and Fiction


Uncovering the power of automation in action — A comprehensive report

Data and insights from 200+ industry leaders and automation experts: Separate fact from fiction to gauge the current state of automation and its impact on businesses.

Anyone can see the increasing influence of automation as it revolutionizes how knowledge work gets done. In this valuable research report, we explore expectations versus the reality of automation in today’s business landscape.

Conducted by Enterprise software provider Appfire and Atlassian Platinum Solution Partner Isos Technology in partnership with the market research experts at Adience, we address automations most compelling questions:

  • Where is automation most prevalent?
  • What are the missed opportunities?
  • What are the use cases?
  • Do realized benefits align with expectations? How so?
  • How do perceptions differ between the business function level and the organization level?
  • How do barriers differ across functions?

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