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CBS Marketing Group Partners with Isos Technology to Streamline Complex Project Management Processes


CBS Marketing Group’s more than 150 team members had been using a proprietary .NET-based system, aptly named Promotracker, to manage the promotional spot production lifecycle. Over time, workgroups with different areas of focus (e.g., strategy, design, production, etc.) had developed different processes and methodologies and modified the system to meet their specific needs. Further, there were many gaps in functionality and many processes were still taking place outside the system, creating endless tracking and version control issues. 

It became apparent that the difficult-to-scale Promotracker was becoming a bottleneck rather than an asset. The organization needed a single, easy-to-use technology platform that would support complex, multi-step workflows, allowing them to exert governance over processes and methodologies so projects were structured and managed consistently, yet flexible enough to accommodate the specialized needs of individual workgroups.

What You'll Learn ...

How Isos Technology helped CBS implement Atlassian tools into a new, easy-to-use project management system, designed to streamline the promotional spot production process. Key results of the project include:

  • A solution comprised of Jira Software, Confluence, Jira Service Management, and custom scripting and integrations
  • Simplified automation to manage complex, multi-step workflows, manual processes, and calculations 
  • Trackable work in progress, easy access to information and assets, and reports at a granular level 
  • And more...

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