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Leading through Change: The
C-Suite’s Role in Enterprise Agile Transformation


When the Agile Manifesto was introduced in 2001, its authors had a vision for a better way to develop software, one that prioritized people over processes. Since then, agile methodologies have been embraced around the world. Enterprise agile transformation is more than scaling agile practices—it requires that the entire company becomes laser-focused on delivering customer value and customer satisfaction. It also encompasses a complete overhaul of how an organization operates.

What You'll Learn ...

The "why" behind enterprise agile transformation, the risks of not undertaking transformation, and how failed transformations can be as challenging as not undertaking one at all. We will also explore how the C-suite can positively influence the speed and success of enterprise agile transformation by owning and driving the appropriate areas of the transformation:

  • Setting a course of direction through value alignment
  • Owning the culture
  • Establishing, tracking, and refining organization metrics
  • Creating and supporting both talent and technology strategies
  • The role of the enterprise agile coach in supporting the C-suite on its agile transformation journey
  • And more!

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