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One of the Largest Hotel Companies in the World Partners with Isos Technology to Migrate from Atlassian Data Center to Cloud and Transform Its Data In Flight

This leading international hotel company has one of the industry's largest, most powerful portfolios. With more than 30 leading hotel brands and almost 8,800 properties worldwide, its mission is to give people more ways to connect, experience, and expand their world.

What You'll Learn:

In this case study, you'll learn how Isos leveraged its extensive experience and technical expertise to assist a leading international hotel company in overcoming complex migration challenges from Atlassian Data Center to Cloud. This includes navigating the complexities of transforming a massive volume of Jira and Zephyr data, developing a tailored migration strategy, and ensuring a seamless transition to the Cloud while maximizing the benefits of the new system. This case study covers: 

  • The complex migration process, including transforming one million Jira issues in flight
  • The tailored solution designed by Isos Technology to meet the hotel company's business needs
  • The tangible results and benefits achieved post-migration

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