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How a Single Platform Can
Improve DevOps and
ITSM Collaboration


More than ever, organizations are making the culture and structural changes necessary to embrace DevOps. This transformation drives increasing demand for IT Service Management (ITSM) support of new products and releases, as well as greater awareness of the role ITSM plays in customer experience, and ultimately customer satisfaction. 

What You'll Learn...

This whitepaper walks through the increasingly complex environment in which IT operates, and how this complexity can impede collaboration with development and operations teams. 

Using a single shared platform, learn how organizations can:

  • Overcome the obstacles inherent in this complexity
  • Bridge the gap between DevOps and ITSM
  • Streamline major incident response and problem management 
  • Create a valuable feedback look between DevOps and ITSM that drives customer value and impacts the bottom line
  • ...And more!

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