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Isos Technology Partners with GoDaddy on a Large-Scale Migration from Jira Software Server to Cloud


GoDaddy is a large multinational enterprise that provides a comprehensive set of business and marketing services and solutions, helping millions of entrepreneurs around the globe create and manage their digital presence and run their small businesses. GoDaddy's internationally based development teams were using Jira Software and Confluence on Atlassian Cloud, except for their U.S. team, who were still using Server versions of the solutions resulting in siloed workforces and the burden of maintaining on-prem servers. To streamline processes and centralize management, GoDaddy wanted to migrate its remaining on-prem instances to Atlassian Cloud so all of its instances could be centrally managed, teams could work in similar ways, and servers could be decommissioned. 

What You’ll Learn… 

This case study covers how Isos technology assessed and migrated GoDaddy’s Atlassian Servier Instance to streamline operations and improve efficiency within the organization. The migration was complex due to the size of the instance, workflows, issues, data, and apps in use. Isos Technology thoroughly tested each part of the migration multiple times to ensure no data was missed, which aimed to minimize risk and disruption for the users during the migration process. Results of the migration included: 

  • Successful Migration
  • Streamlined user management
  • Centralized administration and enhanced governance
  • Enterprise-level security, availability, and disaster recovery


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