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Jira Service Management: A Modern ITSM Solution for an Evolving IT Landscape

Jira Service Management

Atlassian brings together its industry-leading Jira Service Desk ITSM software with its Opsgenie incident management software, and introduces Jira Service Management. Included is a host of new features and functionality designed to better support the challenges that modern ITSM, Development, and Operations teams face. Jira Service Management is designed to help IT teams deliver customer value faster without adding significant cost of complexity; make work more visible and transparent across teams to support cross-functional decision making and issue resolution; and streamline and speed the flow of information between teams, with a particular focus on ITSM and DevOps teams.

What You'll Learn...

This whitepaper will explore how digital transformation is changing the role of ITSM in supporting business and creating a demand for new, more modern ITSM technology and infrastructure. Then we will take a look at Jira Service Management and how Atlassian is bringing together Jira Service Desk and Opsgenie. With new features and functionality, Atlassian now offers a single, new tool to better support ITSM, incident management, and change management.

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