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Making the Case for Jira Align: What It Is, What It Can Do for Your Organization, and Key Practices to Get You Started

To be successful in today’s dynamic, unpredictable world, organizations need to align internally if they want to connect strategy to execution, and connect work to business outcomes. For many companies, that means formalizing their approach to agile ways of working. Agile is deeply intertwined with the concept of alignment, and while alignment is central to agile as a concept, it also has merit independent of it. Organizational alignment is important for companies of all sizes, but it is particularly critical at the enterprise level, primarily due to scale. At the enterprise scale, the pain of misalignment is arguably deeper, the stakes are higher, and the risk is greater. The cost of misalignment can be catastrophic, and pivoting in the face of market changes or opportunities is more complex than ever.

What You'll Learn:

  • What Jira Align is and how it creates visibility and alignment into people (teams), work, time, and outcomes.
  • How people in different roles at every level of an organization can use it to get real-time insights and information that help them make informed business decisions.
  • Key ways it can transform the way enterprises do business.
  • Key practices and reports that provide a small window into how enterprises can use Jira Align to create meaningful outcomes for their businesses and customers.
  • And more!

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