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Michigan State University Federal Credit Union Partners with Isos Technology


In this case study, learn how Isos Technology mapped out a strategic approach to services that aligned with MSUFCU’s long-term goals. A plan was developed with two primary work streams identified: one related to cleaning up MSUFCU’s Jira instance and getting it running more efficiently, and one related to a planned migration to Atlassian Cloud.

What You'll Learn ...

  • How streamlining, standardizing, and optimizing processes reduces friction and results in work being completed more efficiently and accurately.
  • How automating Jira allows admins to spend less time on repetitive, manual tasks so they can focus on higher-level work.
  • How consistent nomenclature minimizes confusion and makes it easier for users to work in multiple projects.
  • How cleanup activities assist with migration planning and the preparation process for a streamlined move to Atlassian Cloud.
  • And more!

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